Collaborative Efforts

FOTONIKS Electronics and Electro Optics Company is a 100% local investment Turkish defense industry company.

It was established in the year 2010 on top of the experience of the founding partners of more than 10 years in the defense sector for the purpose of Manufacturing, R&D, Design, Production and Life Cycle Support of Electronics and Electro Optical products.

Bimetri, which operates in the fields of Energy, Mobile Tracking, Industrial Applications and Intelligent Building/Facility Management, develops software for data collection, data communication, visualization and analysis of collected data with its 18+ years of know-how and experience of its founders. It also import data collection terminals and manufacture some of them with local facilities.

Works in the field of Software and Information Technologies, has entered the software sector with innovation and continuous support and also provides quality services to its customers with its Innovative Solutions.

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